Give customers the opportunity to get in touch via the most used communication channel.


Wordwide, 30 billion WhatsApp messages are sent per day. Indeed — WhatsApp is indispensable as a messenger channel. How do you communicate as fast and effective as possible with your customers? The answer is obvious — through WhatsApp. And that is why we integrated WhatsApp with iQueue.  

With the WhatsApp plugin customers are able to send all kinds of media, such as audio, images, video or their location. Imaging you, as a customer, have some problems with the settings of your cellphone. Via WhatsApp you can easily send a screenshot of your current settings, so an employee of your provider immediately see what the problem is. Likewise, it is also extremely useful for location dependent organizations. Imaging when you have problems with your car and you need the Automobile Association or you just need a taxi. With WhatsApp you can directly send your location — a Google Maps card tells the employee where the customer is. 

Of course, employees are able to see the full conversation history, so they can pick up where colleagues left off. 




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