Monitor and directly respond to posts, tweets, and other social media content.

Use iQueue’s comprehensive monitoring ability to learn what people say about your company online — and to quickly follow-up on customer complaints or compliments. When your company is mentioned on social media, employees get notified — setting them up for a quick reply. 


The Twitter-plugin helps you staying up to date and keeps you informed about what people are talking about in the industry or your company. Tweets are filtered according your search selection and presented in in one clear overview, so you and your team are able to respond or retweet each displayed tweet. Every 10 seconds the overview will be synchronized, which enables you to directly interact with your customers. Quickly react to customer complaints, compliments or questions.

Imagine you are working at a orthodontist practice and a fiteen year old customer is finally done with her braces. She walks outside and the first thing she does is making a picture of her beautiful straight teeth. "Click". "Happy with my straight teeth". "Post". And it is on Twitter. How nice would it be to interact with your customers. They will definitely be even more happy — Increase customer satisfaction. After someone gave a follow-up, i.e. ignore, respond or retweet, the Tweet will be deleted automatically — Respond as a team.

the Administrator is able to define multiple keywords — in Mentions, Hashtags or any other content. Additionally, Twitter distribution groups can be created and it is also possible to add more Twitter accounts with different keywords.  All relevant Tweets which include one or more keywords will be displayed in the iQueue taskbar, so employees see when a follow-up is requiered. 


Expected in Q3 2016


Expected in Q3 / Q4 2016




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