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Our new smart solution iQueue is available exclusively with the most advanced and versatile Unified Communication Systems around 

 Skype for Business, Swyx and OZMO


iQueue is an add-on for Skype for Business users, as every Skype for Business user is able to use the total iQueue tool. 

However,  iQueue is also available as standalone tool — Users who do not use Skype for Business are still able to use all its functionalities, but telephony.


iQueue as a Customer-Contact-Center solution for Skype for Business

How does it work?

In order to add iQueue to your Skype environment, you only need an extra (virtual) server. Between the iQueue server and Skype for Business server, a SIP link will be created which allows calls are routed through the iQueue server business rules. The iQueue server is equipped with iQueue software and a limited Swyx Server installation. After the implementation, your Skype environment includes:

  • A full Customer Contact Center solution from iQueue
  • DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) dialing menus
  • DTMF PIN options
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Easy configuration via Call Routing Manager
  • Opportunities for Call Routing through links to databases and/or web services
  • iQueue Call Detail Records
  • … and much more!




What are the advantages of iQueue compared to other Customer Contact Center solutions?

  • More opportunities for less money!
  • The implementation is really easy (up-and-running in one day)
  • Easy administration
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Also suitable for small Skype4Business implementations


What does it cost?

An environment with 100 Skype4Business users with a Customer Contact Center with approximately 15 employees,
the costs will be approximately 75 euros per user (for single implementation and licensing),
and 2 euros per user per month (for the software update licence).*


*These prices are an avarage price based on some assumptions. For a full demonstration and/or quotation, please contact us.




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