E-mail features

Get notified when new, relevant e-mails require a follow-up and reply as a team. 


Even with the rise of social media communication channels, e-mail has not become less important. We believe new channels such as social media and web chat complement the ones we use daily. E-mail still is very important to most businesses. With the e-mail feature in iQueue, employees are able to directly give a follow-up on new relevant e-mails. They receive a notification when a new e-mail arrives in a shared box. By clicking on the e-mail in question, it will open with your regular e-mail application. Unread e-mails are actively notified to members as “open communication task”. 

iQueue's e-mail plugin makes it even easier collaborating and enables you to work more efficient. Just in one glance you have insight in all incoming e-mails which are relevant for you and your team.