Call history- & Call recording-manager

Find calls in the call history and listen to recorded calls with the call recording module


The (Call Detail Records) CDR-Manager tool is one of the free tools offered by iQueue. With this tool all Swyx call history can be downloaded for analyses.

Of course it is handy to listen to calls made by employees — or yourself. You’d want to do this to improve your customer service, or to verify that certain things have been agreed on. Either way, with iQueue's CDR Manager, you will always be able to playback sessions in full detail.  

Native Swyx CDR’s (Call Detail Records) can be downloaded in an instant. Any desired view can be made with sorting, filtering and grouping of content and the result can be exported to Excel, CSV and PDF. Recorded conversations, when enabled on the Swyx server, can be saved safely in iQueue's database or in a mapped structure on a FTP server or shared folder within the network. Do not worry — you do not have to search into hundreds of folders and files! The CDR Manager handles and stores all recorded conversations for you — You will find any recorded conversation you are looking for in just a few clicks. Additionally, it enables you to download any conversation you want for export, or play it directly on your computer.




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