Call features

Only receive calls that are meant for you, with our advanced call-routing options.
iQueue shortens the implementation time over 50%! 


iQueue’s very first functionality is phone call distribution — and we continue to build on this extensively. The tool allows you to setup multiple phone queues, all exclusively linked to specific teams, departments or individuals. This way, calls are always routed to the right employees — connecting customers to the person that can help them best. With iQueue, unlimited call groups with flexibel configuration can be made. When people call to your organization, a selection menu will be played, e.g. "Welcome to Organization X, if you're calling for support, please press 1. If you're calling for sales, please press 2. For all other questions, please press 3." 

When implementing iQueue, the implementation time can be shortened impressively. All Call Routing-scripts you need are delivered by the solution where all group memberships, call distribution and even Open & Closing times are handled.* The Administrator is, for instance, able to automatically distribute calls in a specific way, such as skill-based- or idle-based routing  distribute incoming calls to the most relevant employees or the agent that is idle the longest. Whatever you can think of — iQueue helps you build it. 

Open & Closing times

Most offices have fixed open and closing times. Naturally, when the office closes, you'd want the phone lines to be closed as well. But what if you have a call center team lined up, working till 21:00 daily? That's where open & closing comes in. You can set up a queue for this group — enabling them to proceed without interfering with other queues. 

*Assigning members to distribution groups or change their availability in any desired situation and priority, based on the skills and situation in the queue, can be executed by a single click.




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