Share your status with your contacts and see who is available or not.  


The phone rings. "Good morning, with Lisa, how can I help you?" "I am looking for Bart, is he available?" You try to call him on his internal number, but he does not pick up. As you are pretty sure he is present, you run to his office to check where he is. He is not there. By walking back to your own workplace, you see Bart is in a meeting. "Sorry, Bart is in a meeting right now, can I leave a message?" You write a callback request and put it on Bart's desk.

With iQueue's rich presence information, it is a lot easier and efficient. Employees are able to share their status with all their colleagues. As iQueue is synchronized with your SwyxIt! or Skype4Business client, you can see who is doing what in just one glance. In the example before, Lisa would have directly seen that Bart was in a meeting.

By default you will take advantage of two statuses, i.e. Available and Do not disturb. When employees are ‘Available’, all incoming calls (for the queue’s they are in) will be routed to them. However, when their status refers to ‘Do not disturb,’ they will not receive any incoming calls. Additionally, the Administrator is able to define as many statuses as needed, e.g. Busy, In a meeting, Lunch, etc. When the Administrator has added more presence options, every user can use them. 




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